Enjoy Peace of Mind When Your Loved One Is Protected by a Medical Alert Service

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Enjoy Peace of Mind When Your Loved One Is Protected by a Medical Alert Service

A medical alert device can give you peace of mind that your senior loved one is safe and sound when you’re not around. Medical alert services give your aging relative automatic access to help in the event of an emergency situation, so you can rest easy knowing she can easily get access to help. Some devices can even sense when a person experiences a fall, even if she is unable to press the call button herself, giving you even more peace of mind that your loved one will be all right when you are out running errands or otherwise unavailable. A medical alert system gives your senior relative more independence while also allowing you the ability to balance your other responsibilities with your care-giving duties.

Fall Risks

When it comes to senior safety, falls are among the biggest concerns for older adults. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in three seniors experiences a fall each year, and falls are the leading cause of injury among the over-65 population. Fast response time is the key to avoiding long-term issues that can arise from a fall, as receiving medical attention as soon as possible is the key to preventing serious injuries. When your senior loved one has a medical alert device within reach, you can have peace of mind that she will be able to access help right away in case there is an accident.

Peace of Mind

When you know that your aging relative has added protection to keep her safe, you may find it easier to spend time apart from her. This is ideal if you are also holding down a full- or part-time job. It also gives you the ability to leave her alone when you need to run errands, pick up prescriptions, or just spend some time alone. Taking time for yourself is key to avoiding caregiver burnout, which will in turn help you provide better care for your loved one. If you’re able to do things like exercise or take continuing education classes while also looking after an older relative, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle your responsibilities. This is even more effective when you don’t have to worry about your senior loved one while you’re away, which is why medical alert devices can come in so handy.

Having a plan in place to provide around-the-clock care for your loved one is a great way to give yourself breathing room and peace of mind that your senior relative will be okay in your absence. She can access emergency services at the touch of a button if she needs help when you’re not there. In addition to giving you peace of mind when you’re away, this also gives her more independence. Seniors who have medical alert devices are able to spend time alone without worry, which is great for their mental health as well as your own.