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Lifeline of Northwest Arkansas is focused on enhancing the safety and well-being of our subscribers and their families.  This information is included to educate on topics such as falls safety, medication adherence and independent living.

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Selecting a Medical Alert Service

Not all medical alert services are the same. When choosing a medical alert service, it is important to know the differences between the services being offered and the types of products that are available. You want to be sure that you are using the most dependable equipment and have the most experienced team of professionals answering your call for help

To help you evaluate the service available to you with Lifeline, we have put together the following self-assessment and checklist. Please download these documents to aid you in the selection process.

Medical Alert Service Self-Assessment

Medical Alert Survey-Checklist

Lifeline vs. Cell Phone

Imagine a device you wear around the clock. When you need to make a call, it works, and immediately connects you to a helpful, knowledgeable person.

The device you're imagining is a Philips Lifeline Personal Help Button supported by our Medical Alert Service. If you choose Lifeline with AutoAlert , in the event of a fall, you don't even need to press a button to get help. Can your cell phone do that? Cell phones are convenient, but they can't give you the service you need.

With personal care, purpose-built technology, and unmatched , you can expect more from Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service:


Medication Dispenser 

Proper use of medication is imperative to independent living. Our Medication Dispenser reduces stress for you and your loved ones.

Facts about Medication Errors

Lifeline Medication Dispensing Service

Why Choose Philips Lifeline Medication Dispensing Service?

Facts about Falling 

  • Falls are the leading cause of death from injury in older adults
  • Most falls occur in the home
  • Close to 50% of non-injured fallers cannot get up without assistance
  • The rate of falls is 4 times higher in the first 2 weeks after a hospital stay
  • 40% of nursing homes admissions are precipitated by falls
  • Fear of falling is common and increases risk of falls

To download our Reducing fall risk - safety checklist click on the Download Checklist link below.

Download Fall Safety Checklist


How to Get Up From a Fall

The video below has detailed instructions on how to get up from a fall.


Tips for building confidence after a fall